Health & Safety Policy



The Company SA Fire Protection Srl is aware that the management of occupational health and safety is a key part of daily business management.

In that respect the Company promotes the establishment of a permanent round table, aimed at establishing a Health and Safety Management System in compliance with Italian D. Lgs. No. 81, dated 9 April 2008 as amended.

The round table is actively supervised by the employer and is composed by the following corporate functions:

Prevention and Protection Service Manager

Prevention and Protection Service Operator

Occupational Health and Safety Representative for workers

Occupational Physicians

In order to supply such persons with the necessary operational support, the Company Management will promote maximum cooperation of the entire organization and the availability of adequate IT supports for managing the Health and Safety System.

The company, due regard being had to the specific corporate resources, and in compliance with the standard UNI ISO 45001:2018, has set up a Health and Safety Management System which is able to:

  1. Ensure the broadest knowledge of laws, regulations and provisions required to comply with law requirements, in order to promote the compliance with legal provisions as well as the constant improvement of corporate health and safety standards;
  2. Ensure the implementation of health and safety standards during the daily business operations regarding manufacture, maintenance, and management;
  3. Disclose and promote to all staff on a daily basis an attitude of conscious empowerment on occupational health and safety, ensuring that this commitment will be considered during the evaluation of staff for wage increase, bonuses and promotions;
  4. Develop any tools required for periodically measure the corporate accident prevention performance, including the provision of directions concerning any economic damage suffered;
  5. Ensure attention to the continuous monitoring of any health and safety related issues;
  6. Plan periodic and appropriate information and training actions on occupational safety and health;
  7. Plan appropriate periodic target reviews;
  8. Propose to the Management every possible action aimed at achieving the best occupational health and safety conditions, consistent with the technological progress and economic viability;
  9. Ensure an effective coordination of health and safety management with clients during the works at their premises, providing accurate risk assessments, identification and analysis of any possible interferences, processing of operational safety plans that are consistent with the safety and coordination plans. The Company will be engaged in promote awareness-raising, information, education and training, in order to ensure that the staff carries out its work safely.

In the spirit of cooperation shown in the new occupational health and safety legislation, the Management promotes the participation of all staff and confides in his conscious response with a view of continuous improvement of the Health and Safety Management System provided by the Company.


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