Fire Product Manufacturing

The Fire Product Manufacturing business unit concentrates on the production of fire equipment for which SA is a well-known manufacturer of monitors, deluge valves, special hazard fire systems and SIL rated final elements. With an extensive catalogue of highly reliable products and countless configurations to suit you we are certainly committed to continuous improvement as well as optimal solutions.

The products manufactured are purpose built for all kinds of harsh and hazardous environments. The majority of the trusted fire products manufactured by us are used in petrochemical and power industries within Europe, Middle East and Asia.


Fire fighting monitors

fire fighting monitors
SA Fire Protection is a well-known manufacturer of industrial heavy duty fire-fighting monitors and their control systems with a strong expertise in electric, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic solutions. Our extensive range of various flow fire-fighting monitors cover fixed monitors for a…
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Deluge valves

fire protection deluge valves
As a well-known manufacturer of deluge valves we have a strong expertise in providing tailored solutions for the oil & gas industry. The deluge valves are mainly used to control the flow of water or water/foam solution in fixed fire…
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Foam equipment

foam proportioning equipment
The fire fighting foam equipment includes bladder tanks, branchpipes, foam pourers, foam chambers, foam concentrate pump skids, portable foam trailers and foam concentrates as well as all the complimentary accessories. The fire suppression equipment we offer delivers effective fire protection…
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Spray Nozzles

fire spray nozzles
The range of water and foam nozzles are the effective first line of fire suppression. Our nozzles are used in deluge water spray systems designed for cooling, vapour containment and water curtains. We also offer reliable average and high velocity…
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Gaseous Fire Suppressions Systems

gaseous fire suppression systems
Providing gas based fire suppression systems and all supporting hardware approved to EN12094 and in line with NFPA guidelines. Our CO2 and Inert Gas extinguishing systems are ideal for protecting gas turbines, generators, IT server farms, electric rooms, offshore platforms and…
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Rim Seal Units

rim seal units
SA Fire Protection is an OEM of rim seal fire detection & suppression solutions for the protection of floating roof tanks. It is paramount that a fire on a floating roof tank is suppressed as soon as possible. In this…
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Fire fighting extinguishers

fire fighting extinguishers
Our industrial fire suppression portfolio would not be complete without the inclusion of fire fighting extinguishers. The range comes charged with CO2, Nitrogen, pressurized dry chemical powder. Many extinguishers in the portfolio are certified and cover fire class A -…
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