Quality Policy



The Management undertakes the appropriate steps to implement the principles set forth in standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 which is used as a reference for the Company’s Quality Management System.

The activity is carried out in compliance with both the technical standards and the current legal framework, with customer satisfaction as the main objective.

As a result, in compliance with that policy, the Management pursues the following main objectives:

  • Increase the professional level of its employees through appropriate individual training to respond to the continuous technical evolution;
  • Increase the number of orders in terms of increased sales and revenues, to gain greater visibility and credit in the sector in which the Company operates;
  • Continue to provide reliable products and use materials in compliance with applicable laws.

In accordance with the above, the Management identifies the goals to be achieved.

The individual functions must implement on schedule the actions defined for them in order to achieve the goals and relevant targets.

In order to assess the progress of goals and targets, the functions responsible for monitoring the achievement of individual goals have been identified.

During the next Management Review, the Management will assess the progress towards the set goals, in order to measure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System with a perspective of continuous improvement.

On that occasion the effective applicability of the key concepts of Company’s policy will be also assessed.

The Company’s Management takes an active role towards the achievement of the goals set herein.


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