Industries We Serve

Oil & Gas

oil and gas
Offshore Platforms are some of the most remote locations, so it is no surprise that operators cannot rely on the fire service in times of emergency. Instead what is needed is a quick response in terms of fire/ gas detection…
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Power generation

power generation
Not only are there different types of machinery such as turbines, cable tunnels, generators and transformers but power generation plants have in themselves multiple hazardous areas. The complexity of such environments is challenging but with the right expertise, offering and…
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With the array of chemicals that pass through refineries and storage terminals on an annual basis the risk of explosion can be quite high and the use of water as an extinguisher will almost certainly end in disaster. As such,…
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Rail & Trasportation

rail and trasportation
Our SIL 2 certified water mist fire suppression system with SIL 2 actuation system protects over 50 million passengers each year on Copenhagen Metro’s 24/7 driverless rapid transit system. SA Fire Protection are there with you every step of the…
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