Fire fighting monitors


SA Fire Protection is a well-known manufacturer of industrial heavy duty fire-fighting monitors and their control systems with a strong expertise in electric, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic solutions. Our extensive range of various flow fire-fighting monitors cover fixed monitors for a variety of fire suppression systems. The monitors are available with a full bronze body suitable for heavy duty applications such as aggressive chemical plants or off shore platforms. Manufactured with extreme care, every piece is designed to withstand extreme conditions granting long product lifetime. In this respect the material selection and the monitor design makes this equipment lifetime very robust and easy to maintain. Depending on the application the monitors can be equipped with jet/fog nozzles or branch pipes designed for water and water/foam solution. The automatic movements on the horizontal and vertical plane as well as the stream control (jet/fog) can be provided by hydraulic or electric actuators. Every monitor is designed to be controlled either manually or by remote controls available on a standard fixed station. Every remote station is designed according to client’s specifications and may be manufactured for hydraulic or electric actuators.


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