SA Fire Protection was awarded for a refit project by Dräger Marine & Offshore. The retrofitting of the vessel is to take place in France. The systems to be supplied include two Dry Chemical Powder (DPC), systems designed according to ASME to protect two bunkering stations as well as a deluge water spray system for cooling the LNG tanks and the main decks. The deluge system will use a Double Chamber Deluge Valve Mod. VDD with an ON/OFF Electro Pneumatic actuation trim in redundant SIL 3 configuration. As such, the water spray cooling system grants cooling of the tanks onboard the vessel preventing mechanical rupture and therefore explosion. Together, the DCP and the water spray systems are able to protect the critical processes onboard the vessel and the accommodation area.


SA Fire Protection is an Italian independent engineering & manufacturing company active in the field of Fire Protection with more than 35 years of experience. The company is organised into three major business units: Fire Protection Engineering, Fire Product Manufacturing and Services.

Dräger Netherland B.V. Div. Marine & Offshore is one of the major players in Marine and Off-Shore safety and firefighting in Northern Europe and Asia. The company is part of Dräger and offers high quality marine & offshore services in the field of firefighting, rescue and safety equipment that are carried out from the headquarters in the Port of Rotterdam.


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