With the array of chemicals that pass through refineries and storage terminals on an annual basis the risk of explosion can be quite high and the use of water as an extinguisher will almost certainly end in disaster. As such, extinguishing agents such as Co2, inert gas, foam and water mist are a much more viable and effective solutions. There are a number of determinants which will affect the selection of the most effective extinguishing agent and our team of engineers are well equipped to offer valuable and life-saving solutions to meet and surpass the requirements at any given moment.

We are able to assist from analysing the needs of the facility to determining the best solutions and most capable products to do the job. SA Fire Protection is able to offer effective, reliable and tailored solutions for both today AND tomorrows refineries or storage terminals.

We also supply to other heavy industries such as chemical plants, steel factories, mines and more.

Project example: Total E&P (Indonesia)

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