Automatic monitors


Automatic monitors are devices used to deliver large water or foam flows for firefighting purposes. These Monitors are controlled remotely and can act automatically by means of remote control stations.

SA Fire Protection is a well-known manufacturer of industrial heavy duty firefighting monitors and their control systems, with a strong expertise in electric, electro-hydraulic and hydraulic solutions. The monitors are available with a full bronze body suitable for heavy duty applications such as aggressive chemical plants or off shore platforms. Manufactured with extreme care, every piece is designed to withstand extreme conditions granting long product lifetime. In this respect the material selection and the monitor design makes this equipment very robust and easy to maintain. Depending on the application the monitors can be equipped with jet/fog nozzles or branch pipes designed for water and water/foam solution. The automatic movements on the horizontal and vertical plane as well as the stream control (jet/fog) can be provided by hydraulic or electric actuators. Every monitor is designed to be controlled either manually or by remote controls available on a standard fixed station. Every remote station is designed according to client’s specifications and may be manufactured for hydraulic or electric actuators.

The electric consoles may be equipped with PLC and programmed achieving complete stand-alone firefighting systems or integrate accessories such as lightweight portable wireless consoles. Systems interconnections may be designed traditionally or with Modbus redundant serial link (only for electric) that allows sensible saving of system’s cables quantity requirements.
All components such as monitors and consoles are available for hazardous areas installation in compliance with ATEX 94/9/CE Directive. Production of monitors and their accessories is carried out according to SA’s rigorous quality standards and using high tech production facilities.

Remote Actuation: electric & electrohydraulic
Monitor control panels are used to provide commands and signal position and status of automatic monitors. There are various possible panel configurations depending on system architecture, communication protocol, and classification of the installation area. Usually, the fixed stations are manufactured with one, two or three monitor controls together with their water and foam control valves. For each monitor the panel is equipped with a joystick for horizontal and vertical monitor movements, a joystick for stream control (jet/fog) and two couples of push buttons for water and foam control valves. These consoles can be used to control either electric or electro-hydraulic monitors. Larger and complex control panels can be designed to host a PLC and control the electric monitors using a serial communication protocol. This solution is based on a redundant communication link and allows also for system programming that provides fully automatic installations. The same technology may be used to design multiple control stations or to manage one or more wireless monitor consoles. Dedicated visualization software is also available for specific control room requirements.

Explosion proof panels
Usually it is common practice to install the main monitor control panel in a safe area within the plant. However, it may be necessary to install slave panels within the hazardous area in order to get control of one or more local monitors.
SA designs and manufactures Explosion Proof panels that may be used as slave or stand-alone master installations. The panels are available for standard installation or equipped with slave PLC to form part of larger system architectures.

Wireless Monitor Console: Monix
Monix is a wireless mobile control station designed to control one or more monitors. The Monix consol forms part of a main PLC based control system where the wireless module is integrated. The Monix consoles are normally kept on site in custom built boxes where they are connected to their battery charger and controller. When needed, the operator can activate the Monix and wear the portable console. The monitor selection is made by simply selecting the monitor with the frequency selector. Once the monitor is selected, the operator is capable of taking control by simply operating the joystick and the open/close buttons for the control valves. To switch to another monitor, one can simply rotate the selector switch and take control. The Monix is available for safe and hazardous area installation.

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