Deluge Skids


Deluge skids are packages used to control the flow of water or water/foam solution in fixed fire suppression, cooling or gas containment systems. Depending on the project requirements, there are several possible flow control activation solutions including electric, electro-pneumatic and hydraulic on which additional features such as automatic pressure reducing and remote ON-OFF trims can be added.

SA Fire Protection is a well-known manufacturer of deluge valves and skids with a strong expertise in solutions tailored for the oil & gas industry. The Deluge Skids supplied can be manufactured in a variety of different materials such as Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel or Cu-Ni with deluge valves in NAB, Cast Steel or Titanium. Deluge valves and trims validated as SIL 2 and SIL 3 are also available for integration in fire systems requiring certified Safety Integrity Functions (SIF).

The above example is of two SIL 3 deluge valves installed on skid. The valves used are model VDD, SIL 3 with double chamber and isolation system. The valves grant hot back up on the deluge waterway and an isolation system which makes it capable of being maintained, tested or repaired with the fire system still in service.

The control panel is SIL 3 for the Electro-pneumatic VDD deluge valve. The Trim is a complete fully redundant solution capable of tolerating up to two faults before failing.

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