Dry Chemical Systems


Dry Chemical Packages are an excellent solution for firefighting for hydrocarbon and natural gas fires with outstanding suppression capabilities for three dimensional fires in general.

Large skids can be provided for fixed installations or mobile transportable units loaded with ABC, BC, Purple K or Monnex Chemical depending on the hazard to be protected.

The fixed automatic units are provided with fixed pipe each of which is hidraulically calculated using DCP HyCalcs™ a software package capable to calculate biphasic flows in pipes transporting solid particles diluted in Nitrogen gas.

Fixed Manual or trailed units are instead equipped with hose reels and powder guns capable to discharge high mass flow of chemicals for rapid flame knock down. All pre-piped fixed packages are engineered systems tailored to meet the specific requirements in terms of dry chemical selection, quantity, piping routing and diameters calculation, nozzle design and placement. Moreover each package can be adapted to any site of installation being these safe or hazardous area according to ATEX 94/9/CE.

The fixed units can be equipped with selector valves for multiple protection with or without a 100% back up package.

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